The Mac Variety Bundle 3.0

9 Top Mac Apps That Will Enhance Your Mac!

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by Macbundler | in Software

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705fed498fc5d658a8e740aec1285ade56e449c5 icon The Mac Variety Bundle 3.0

9 Top Mac Apps That Will Enhance Your Mac!

By Macbundler | in Software

Get 9 Productivity Apps That Will Enhance Your Mac.

The bundle includes 9 TOP Mac apps valued at $434 and now you can get all the goods for an EXCLUSIVE price of just $42!

This all-inclusive Variety Bundle 3.0 has just about something for everyone…

The Goods

Contactizer Pro ($119) – Manage, share and organize personal and business information.

Keycue ($26) – Displays all menu shortcut commands.

Disk Drill Pro ($89) – Data protection and recovery solution.

AppShelf ($10) – Keep track of your software registrations and serial numbers.

Default Folder X ($35) – Enhances Open and Save dialogs with bountiful options.

702 Premium Fonts ($99) – Unique premium fonts for Mac & Windows.

Circus Ponies Notebook ($50) – Organize photos, email, documents and more.

Color Splash Pro($10) – Transform your photos with splashes of color.

Cinch($7) – Simple, mouse-driven window management.

This bundle has been hand-picked to ensure that 9 high quality apps make it onto your desktop. There’s no better opportunity to start building your software STACK than with this variety bundle 3.0.

No matter what, be sure to enjoy your day :)!


  • No Refunds
  • After you purchase the bundle you must follow the redemption instructions to be able to download and activate your Mac apps
  • All mac app licenses include minor upgrades and give you complete access to the applications features

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