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55fdb69106388c479c336a75a7e6056ebe1081b1 icon Advanced Mind Mastery: The Science of Getting Rich

Learn How to Become Rich Through Giving Value

By Tom Cassidy | in eLearning


This video course is all about delivering value to others. Indeed, you can paraphrase the whole perspective like this: If you're not currently as wealthy as you'd like, you just haven't worked out a way to give enough value to enough people. Now you can learn how.


  • You will have a firm understanding of the science behind the principles, with details of the supporting evidence from Psychology, Neuroscience and Quantum Mechanics
  • You will have countless stories evidencing the truth of these principles, through ordinary people doing extraordinary things
  • You will know very clearly HOW to THINK
  • You will know very clearly HOW to ACT
  • You will have learned a range of advanced thought and action algorithms that make it easy to bring these principles into your everyday life


"I cannot recommend this course any more highly. I have found few things that are life changing, but this is one of those courses. Thanks so much for putting the information, summaries, teachings, and homework together! It is just plain awesome!" - Rick "The use of the chalkboard lectures and just having Angela and Tom talk about the ideas and their applications is priceless. Plus, as a bonus, they utilize the 13x4 methodology to applying the book to your life. All in all, a mind-blowing experience. Good job!" - Laura


*Tom Cassidy* - Internationally Published Author, Thought Engineer, Reasonable Polymath, using algorithms to help people crack the deepest issues of their lives: self-worth, self-belief, goal-achieving, feeling good, achieving sustainable health and deeply fulfilling relationships. *Angela Loeb* - In addition to creating career and personal development programs, she teaches classes for the Professional Development Center at the University of Texas, provides organizational training to companies through her firm, InSync Resourses, and collaborates with other world-changers on special programs.

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04fc1c40c702f42b427adec126e5f0b82de7a975 icon Intro To Biohacking - Be Smarter, Stronger, and Happier

Improve Performance in Everything You Do From Fitness & Nutrition, to Productivity & Sleep

By Ari R. Meisel | in eLearning


What if you were limiting your body? What if you were capable of running so much further and so much faster, of working harder, of lifting heavier, of living better? Well, *now you can*. With this actionable video course you'll learn how to (re)claim your life. You will learn how to properly train your muscles, strengthen your mind, and turn your body into a machine that will maximize your potential in life. You won’t be held back by your job or any limits you thought you had. Instead, you will learn how to see limits as mere obstacles, and how to overcome them. The *Intro to Biohacking* course will cover increasing efficiency in multiple categories. By trying to increase the effectiveness in multiple parts, you help maximize the strength of the whole.


Fitness Very often, the strength of our mind is limited by the strength of our body. It becomes easier to mentally strengthen ourselves when we have confidence in our physical ability. Nutrition Just like a jet engine cannot run on diesel fuel, we cannot eat food with low nutritional value and high calories and expect our body to run efficiently.


"I thoroughly enjoyed all of the hints Ari provides in this course (which were in bite-sized pieces). While not all of them were my cup of tea, I found at least 10 different tools/suggestions here that I have or will use in my daily life. Highly recommend this course if you need quick & easy ways to make life a little bit easier." - Camille Freeman "This course is chock-full of awesome and interesting information. There's a ton of great tips and ideas and everything is explained in an easy-to-digest/implement format. I recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their performance and wellness." - Scott Britton

THE EXPERT - Ari Meisel

Ari started three companies in the technology sector before high school. After graduating from college, Ari visited upstate New York and bought a group of 1880's cigar factories with the vision of creating luxury lofts. Ari created LEED Pro as a green building consulting business and to operate the LEED Pro Blog on green building materials which got picked up for a book called LEED Materials: A Resource Guide to Green Building.

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061e6cd135c9f3d3554accf38cd34a42a48ea66a icon Sleep Hacking: Have More Energy & Spend Less Time in Bed

Hack Your Sleep to Get Days of Your Life Back While Feeling Better than Ever

By Scott Britton | in eLearning


Do you wish you had more time to be productive and do the things you love? Are you curious about those people who seem to operate on far less sleep, but are still somehow able to be incredibly productive? In this course, you will learn about sleep quality and how to attain a very high quality sleep. Not only will this allow you to have more energy, but it will also give you more time doing the things you love.


Wouldn't we all want more time and energy to do exactly what you want in life? This course offers you the chance to do exactly that. Sleep is awesome don't get us wrong, but the whole point of sleeping is to rest and recharge your body for the next day. So taking less time to get the same or even better results would be a huge improvement to your life! As well as the providing a wealth of information this course is delivered in an easy to follow video modules, and also includes PDF versions so you can go at your own speed if you prefer. TOP FEATURES
  • Lifetime access to 36 lectures and 4+ hours of high quality content.
  • You will learn how to achieve a quality sleep so you can actually feel rested.
  • Learn a bunch of simple (and weird!) stuff you can do with light to have higher energy and better sleep.
  • Discover how alter your activeness, consumption, environment to achieve quality sleep.
  • Find the best ways to fall asleep, nap, and prevent yourself from waking up 6x a night.
  • Create a blueprint to take action on everything you learn so that you'll be sleep-hacking in no time.


"Scott does an amazing job of distilling a ton of science into understandable, actionable techniques for improving the quality of your sleep. The information in this course will pay massive dividends." - Zach Obront "Thank you for creating this course Scott, will do this to fix my sleeping habits. The course is nicely presented and the PDF materials are great to revisit the course without having to watch the video again." - Jamie Lin

THE EXPERT - Scott Britton

Scott Britton is a business development executive at SinglePlatform, a company recently acquired by Constant Contact for 100 million dollars. Outside his interest in startups, he's passionate about productivity, bio-hacking, and personal development. He's taught over 800 students in New York City, spoken at various various events - including at New York's CTO School, and been featured in Lifehack and Business Insider as one of the top 25 rising stars in New York Tech Under 25.


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6da22d21a37c56333c60d7ce51ae64fcd3ed5fdc icon Speed Reading For Business

Improve Your Mind in 2 Hours & Learn to Blast through Emails, Documents & Books

By Alex Garcez | in eLearning


By learning how to improve reading speed you'll be more focused; your mind will stop wandering and you will have better comprehension of any text. The result is that you'll achieve peak performance the easy way and will become more productive while reading online or offline. The Speed Reading Course training is practical and by measuring your reading speed throughout the training you will be able to measure the return of investment (ROI) from the course. You will learn how to speed read emails, documents, contracts, manuals, books, magazines and newspapers.


  • Improve your reading speed by at least 33%
  • Develop more effective thinking skills
  • Learn how to speed read online
  • Learn how to speed read on paper
  • Use speed reading software
  • And more


"If you're new to this argument, this course is perfect. Funny and to the point, Alex is a very good coach and in just two hours he explains all the basics of this discipline." - Enrico Frascati "A very informative and fun course. It is well presented. It is not rushed, it is all explained at an easy-going pace and in a very logical way. I recommend it." - Andrew Searle

THE EXPERT - Alex Garcez

As a young boy he used to read slowly. Because he was labeled dyslexic, he would avoid reading altogether. His interest in learning only really developed once he learned how to speed read at the age of 21. He's been teaching Speed Reading for more than 8 years and he's developed a new methodology that really works. He has a Bachelor Degree in Business with an MA in Marketing and Advertising.

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E6fbaec59101808c05c26f5f308a587c55e074d8 icon The "No Equipment, No Excuses" Home Workout

Complete Home Workout With No Equipment Required

By Jordan Adair | in Gear + Gadgets


This *At Home Workouts: How To Lose Weight At Home* course includes 3 days of home workouts, including a Bio-Energizer warm-up routine. Throughout the series, you will cover stretching, lower body, upper body, cardio, and core exercises. You'll also get a guide (tracking worksheets included) to calorie intake so you can monitor your daily eating habits to help you knock off that fat quicker than ever. If you would love to get in better shape and learn the fundamental ideas behind weight loss (and muscle gain), but don't have the time or money to spend on expensive equipment or gym memberships, this course is designed for you!


  • Part 1: Bio-Energizer Warm-up
  • Part 2: Legs/Cardio
  • Part 3: Upper Body/Cardio
  • Part 4: Full Body/Core


"The diet tracking worksheet is great to get a feel for where you stand, food wise." - Ryan Duncan "Just finished my first week with this program and there is no doubt that I will see results in the near future. I felt it everywhere on Saturday, but after following the stretching portion I felt great! Can't wait to continue and finally get in the shape I want to be in." - Austin Cale

THE EXPERT - Jordan Adair

Jordan has been teaching and studying fitness and health for 8 years. He's trained all shapes and sizes, from college athletes to beginners and now he's bringing his expertise right to your computer screen.

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062ba319ac1f590b93de0505fc6646f383d72bd1 icon 14-Day Yoga Detox & Empowerment Course

Lose Weight and Get Healthier on All Levels in Just 14 Days

By Sadie Nardini | in eLearning


This fun and simple real-world detox, empowerment, and excess weight loss online yoga class is taught by Sadie Nardini, one of yoga's rising celebrity teachers, and an expert in combining specific yoga workouts with diet & healthier living. This online yoga class is designed to teach you a 14-day routine that you can follow throughout your life to reduce weight, and make your body more free of toxins and extra weight. Her pioneering method of teaching shows you exactly how effective yoga can be while keeping you relaxed, enthusiastic, and entertained. Simply follow her guidance by taking one step at a time for 14 days. After you're done you'll feel refreshed, youthful, and ready to start again! A new bonus workout has just been added to the 14-day program to help you shake things up, and give you an option that you can use any time, during, or after the 14 days.


"Sadie offers you yoga, not just as a way to stay fit, but yoga as a multifaceted practice that helps you lead a healthy, happy and empowered life. This is what Sadie calls "Ultimate Wellness." "I loved all the information and the Sadie's showing how the pose is suppose to be done. Very inspiring and encouraging to complete the whole 14 day program. I was able to feel the benefits of the program from day one. I encourage people to try this program and commit to doing yoga every day as well as following a diet plan. Thank you Sadie for sharing so much information at an affordable price." - Gokce Cozen

THE EXPERT - Saide Nardini

Sadie is a renowned Ultimate Wellness and Yoga expert and the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. She travels internationally bringing a real-world mix of eastern and western techniques to her yoga and lifestyle teachings. Yoga Journal calls her a “star instructor” for her ability to inspire real transformation in body mind and heart.

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232f4e5fa948fe37592b17b244b8d96a43068b11 icon The 21-Day Master Weight Loss Program

A Bite-Sized Video Course to Train Your Brain to Master Losing Weight

By Dr. Sean Sullivan | in eLearning


For 21 days, Harvard graduate, author, and clinical psychologist Dr. Sean Sullivan walks with you step-by-step, applying the latest brain science to train your brain to master your strengths and obliterate your weaknesses. *You'll create completely new brain patterns that enable you to healthily and sustainably lose the weight you choose to lose.* Each day of your 21-Day Master Weight Loss Program begins with a very personal brain training video from Dr. Sullivan followed by your targeted Master Weight Loss Challenge. Progress at your own pace through 21 days of creating your personal NEW LIFE MAP leading to the body (and brain) you want.


"Dr. Sullivan is a game-changing new voice in the psychology of peak performance." - Mark Sanchez, NFL Quarterback "I’ve read Dr. Sullivan’s book and taken his courses before. This one is no different. It provides actual practical knowledge that leads you to mastering your weight loss goal. The course really opened my eyes to how much control I have over my experience of life and of my body. I found it hard to believe the whole ‘master your mind’ thing at the beginning. But then I got going with the videos and the challenges and came to see exactly what he is talking about. This program changed my life." - Andrew

THE EXPERT - Dr. Sean Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan grew up near Boston and received his B.A. from Harvard University. Years later, after completing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Sean settled in San Francisco to complete post-doctoral work focused in Health Psychology at UCSF. He then wrote The Mind Master’s Silent Journey. The popular book spawned The Mind Master’s Map – The #1 Self Help Books app for iPad – and now, The 21-Day Mind Master Video Brain Training Programs.

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