Facebook Ads, The Complete Course

9 Hours
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  • Your First Program
  • Introduction to the basics of Facebook marketing
    Facebook 2020 "NEW LOOK" version update1:15
    Your quick start guide to starting a basic Facebook Ad (Resource)
    Tips for the Facebook marketing industry (Resource)
    Creating a Facebook Page. Part 15:45
    Creating a Facebook page. Part 212:21
    Exploring Page Settings7:37
    Page setup
    Page roles within a page5:02
    Page roles
    Messaging. Setting up page buttons, usernames and more!12:51
    Automatic messaging on a page3:12
    Messaging within a page
    The Op Ad Vision Facebook Page2:36
    "View as page visitor" button removed from FB pages (Update 2021)2:17
    Organic growth16:31
    Organic growth question
    The variety of things to post9:43
    Picking the right topics to post about
    Page insights6:10
    What a typical post looks like5:07
    The MUST WATCH Tutorial1:11
    Navigating to your Ad accounts3:06
    Link needed for Personal account set up
    Setting up a personal Ad account8:29
    Setting up a Business manager account11:15
    Taking precautions with budgets
    The difference between Ad accounts
    Link to Op Ad Vision Page
  • Section 2
    Basic Ad set up9:26
    Basic Ad set up RESULTS5:47
    Choosing the right type of Ad
    20% text rule update 2021.0:47
    How to choose the right pictures for your Ads22:37
    Choosing the right pictures for your campaigns
    Choosing the right pictures for your campaigns (Resource)
    Facebook Live check list (Resource)
    Facebook Live12:34
    Preparing for Facebook live
    Budgets and scheduling Part 115:31
    Budgets and scheduling Part 25:19
    Choosing the right budget
    Budgets and Scheduling (Resource)
    Detailed Targeting. Part 113:30
    Detailed Targeting. Part 26:49
    Detailed targeting
    Creating Ad sets. Part 14:40
    Creating Ad sets. Part 28:24
    The power of numbers and words18:39
    The basic structure of good Ad copy (The text within an Ad)
    Introduction to Custom and lookalike audiences3:19
    Custom and Lookalike creation with a video13:05
    Creating lookalikes audiences
    Videos in Facebook10:41
    Audience insights8:32
    Audience insight countries6:21
    Audience insights (How to use)8:52
    Finding the right audiences to target
  • Section 3
    Page likes campaign set up14:41
    Page likes RESULTS2:04
    Targeting for likes
    How to get "super cheap" page likes8:28
    Getting super cheap page likes
    Introduction to traffic campaigns4:59
    Landing page service providers4:44
    Traffic campaign set up7:50
    Traffic Ad set set up with Audience insights14:23
    Traffic RESULTS Part 16:14
    Traffic RESULTS Part 23:01
    Best practices when creating traffic campaigns
    Introduction to messaging campaigns4:11
    Messaging campaign set up10:19
    Automatic messaging reply set up7:36
    Messaging Ad set set up6:44
    Messaging campaign RESULTS2:58
    Messaging campaigns best practices
    Ad fatigue16:25
    Reach campaign intro3:30
    Reach campaign set up7:01
    Reach campaign with lookalike5:26
    Reach campaign RESULTS6:40
    Ads are not delivering15:21
    Introduction to lead generation3:53
    Lead generation set up13:25
    Lead generation form set up9:28
    Lead generation RESULTS and lead management8:37
    Post engagement campaigns9:34
    Turn a popular post into a messaging Ad5:12
    Post engagement and reach campaigns
    Facebook Pixel create and install11:11
    Assigning ID to Pixel1:18
    Traffic overview for Op Ad Vision (Excel Pixel)8:02
    Trouble shooting Pixel
    Lookalike creation from traffic Pixel audience2:47
    Lookalike Ad set up6:22
    Traffic Pixel Lookalike results2:21
    Brand awareness campaign set up5:04
    Brand awareness RESULTS6:15
    Split testing set up11:27
    Split test RESULTS3:14
    Best practices with split testing

Create, Optimize, & Advertise Successfully with 9 Hours of Complete Course on Facebook Marketing

Warrick Klimaytys

Warrick Klimaytys | Computer Technician

4.2/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Warrick Klimaytys has spent many years with all kinds of computers in many different situations around the world and is eager to share his knowledge and skills with the StackCommerce community. Around a decade ago, Warrick started his professional life in the military where he experienced all kinds of computers and machines. Today, he could be referred to as just a Microsoft "Windows Warrior". As a result of his past experience, he finds it best to deliver lessons in bite-sized chunks.


Advertising on Facebook is growing fast, but many businesses still do not have the right people to advertise for them. Now, if you are thinking of learning about Facebook marketing, this course is what you need. In this course, you will get real-life advertising strategies that work effectively for real clients. You will also learn about the set-ups and results of real-world Ads that will give you an idea of efficiently marketing your Facebook account. By the end of this course, you will gain the knowledge needed to start advertising on Facebook immediately.

4.5/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 100 lectures & 9 hours of content 24/7
  • Know how to advertise successfully on Facebook
  • Learn step-by-step ad creation process & optimization
  • Create & optimize a Facebook business page
  • Get & manage leads for a business with lead generation campaigns
  • Build custom & lookalike audiences and best practices when using these campaigns


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  • Access options: desktop & mobile
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  • Experience level required: beginner
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