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Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 is the World's Best-Selling and #1 Speech Recognition Software

Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 is the World's Best-Selling and #1 Speech Recognition Software

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by Nuance

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$99.99$200.00(50% off)
$99.99$200.00(50% off)
$99.99$200.00(50% off)
$99.99$200.00(50% off)
$99.99$200.00(50% off)

Super-Accurate Speech-to-Text + Run Your Favorite Desktop Applications by Voice


Dragon Dictate IS compatible with OSX Mavericks. Follow instructions after purchase to correctly install.

CONTROL YOUR DIGITAL WORLD WITH YOUR VOICE with the #1 Voice Recognition Software on the Market

Far more than speech-to-text: create and edit documents, manage email, surf the Web, update social networks, and more - quickly, easily, and accurately - all by voice. Just read your text aloud and watch the magic appear before your eyes right on your computer screen. With Dragon Dictate you can use your voice to create and edit text or interact with your favorite Mac applications. You can even use a digital voice recorder and Dragon will transcribe your dictation when you are back at your Mac.


  • Work Fast & More Accurately: Create documents, reports, make Facebook and Twitter posts, e-mail, and surf the internet 3x faster than typing - with up to 99.9% accuracy. Accomplish more on your computer than ever before.
  • Feel Better at the End of the Day: Using Dragon software will dramatically reduce strain on your eyes, wrists, hands, neck, back, and entire body. Work in a relaxed hands free mode without being hunched over at your computer typing and developing repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel from repetitive mouse clicks and typing.
  • Be More Creative & a Better Note Taker: Dragon keeps up with your thoughts at the speed of your voice. How many times have you had a great idea and you couldn't write it down or type it fast enough into a document to remember everything in detail as it entered your mind? Just speak and Dragon does all the typing for you.
  • Be More Productive than Ever: Capture your thoughts on the go using a Nuance approved Digital Voice Recorder and Dragon Dictate 3 will transcribe the recorded audio files when you connect to your Mac. Or use the Dragon Remote Mic App that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a wireless microphone for use with Dragon on your Mac. The Dragon Remote Mic App is available FREE of charge from the iTunes App store.


"Dragon has become an indispensable tool of my daily routine - email, letters, and an occasional short story are all composed with it." - John M. "I'm using Word 2011. It certainly performs flawlessly with this version. It stayed synchronized no matter what I tried on it. I used some formats that might be employed with templates. Perfect match, it stayed synchronized the entire time." - Philip Blair "It's so accurate, it's almost spooky. I love the fact that I can mix voice commands and mouse clicks without my special tricks. I just flip on my mic, and start talking. Amazing. Just when I think it can't get more accurate, a new version surprises me. If you dried voice dictation in the Old Days (even 3 years ago) and found it lacking, you just have to give this a try." - George Silverman


Ignite Productivity With Fast, Accurate Dictation Say words and watch them appear on your computer screen — three times faster than typing — with up to 99% recognition accuracy right out of the box. Correcting or revising your dictated text is SIMPLE with a new, more powerful correction interface that lets you quickly edit words or phrases. Ignite Convenience Using Your Favorite Mac Applications Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 goes beyond simple speech-to-text, and gives you control in more applications so that you can simply speak to do more than ever before.
  • Use with virtually any Mac application
  • Create and edit documents in Microsoft Word, TextEdit, Notepad and Pages
  • Work with spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and Numbers
  • Create presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Manage email in Mail
  • Search the Web or your Mac desktop
  • Post to Facebook or Twitter, and more – all by voice

System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel-based Mac computer (2.2 Ghz Intel Core2 Duo processor or greater recommended)
  • Free hard disk space: 4GB
  • Supported Operating Systems: OS X Lion (10.7) or OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
  • RAM: 2GB recommended
  • Note: An Internet connection is required for automatic product activation (a quick anonymous process)

Supported Languages

  • US/Canada version - English ONLY


  • No refunds & all sales are final
  • Dragon Dictate IS compatible with OSX Mavericks. Follow instructions after purchase to correctly install.
  • Must REDEEM your Dragon license within 7 days of purchasing this promotion
  • This promotion is valid for one digital version of Dragon Dictate for Mac 3
  • Digital version doesn't include a USB Headset
  • Upon purchase you must follow your redemption instructions located in your account to download and activate your software
  • License will work on 2 computers
  • License includes all minor upgrades
  • English version ONLY